Google Drive Uploader

Receive files to your Google Photos directly

Online uploader that allows anyone to drag & drop personal or business files directly to your Google Photos.

No size limits No login request
Illustration of uploading various photos to a n uploader and receive them at Google Photos

Speed up the process

Share the uploader and... that's all. Enjoy your free time!

Don’t lose shared photos

Stop losing shared photos, and become the owner of all memories.

Uploader in seconds

Create an online photo uploader in a few clicks. Work clever!

Save your time

Collect personal
or business photos

Let anyone send you photos or large videos by visiting a website you generated in a few clicks. They don't need to install anything even no login is required. Just the URL and files.

Shared files

Become the owner
of all files

Stop relying on others to share photos with you all the time, and become the owner of the pictures to make sure you never lose precious memories from your personal and business life.

Files metadata

Keep all the metadata

Google Photos is the perfect tool for not losing necessary metadata like location. Don't make compromises and keep your photos and videos complete.

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